Life of a Travel Girl


By Shafiya Nawer 

In this age of female empowerment, it’s unsurprising that the lady travellers of the universe are going solo. Women are leading the way in the travel stakes.  Blogging is a platform that so many women have used to find their voice, make an impact and leave a lasting impression on people. Many of these women are bravely stepping out of their own comfort zones, challenging societal norms and tackling sensitive issues in the hope that their efforts might just inspire others to do the same. Some of these women are also fellow travel bloggers.

Lakdeepanie Peiris is a travel enthusiast and blogger, well known on Instagram as ‘Life of a Travel Girl’; who’s living the dream to pursue her passion for travelling while being engaged in her day job. She aims to see the world, and make as many memories as possible. Standing by the saying, life is too short to pass up on the beauty this world has to offer. According to her, working in the finance sector isn’t the easiest; hence, she was always fond of travelling and exploring the most picturesque places to make herself feel better and be out of the concrete jungle. For her travelling isn’t just a hobby, it’s a stress relief.

Her Instagram feed is a never ending scroll of beaches, sunshine, poses all paired with insightful captions. “Having the pleasure of showcasing what this little island looks like to the ones who are not in a position to enjoy the visual appearance of this country. Being an immature mobile photographer, I’m still happy and satisfied with my editing skills and framing,” Lakdeepanie noted.

She discovered her passion for travelling around 2016. Having caught the travel bug, she began to travel throughout the country. Last week she went to Arugambay and was fortunate enough to witness the golden rays of the sun adding a bright colour to the clouds and the Indian Ocean. Describing her trip Lakdeepanie added, “I saw footprints of a giant elephant and was scared to death since there was a possibility of bumping into an Elephant on my way to Elephant Rock.” She has explored many waterfalls, misty mountain tops, sandy tropical beaches, camping sites, landscapes and historical places. She also mentioned that being a girl, it wasn’t that easy to reach places without her friends who support her in every way.



According to her travelling makes travellers gain patience, wisdom, perspective, appreciation and relationships; that when you go to new places, you have to deal with a lot of unexpected things. That one should be ready to meet different kinds of people who belong to multiple cultures and ethnic groups, try new food you may or may not want to eat, and adapt to new cultures.

“We all should get adapted to the new normal in this global pandemic and travel safely while making sure that we don’t harm the general public by being a carrier of the disease. Last but not least, it’s the collective responsibility of all the travellers to keep those destinations clean and protective it for the next generation to enjoy as we do now,” Lakdeepanie added.

Instagram – life_of_a_travel_girl


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