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The Police have not obtained permission from the Road Development Authority to erect iron fences in Diyatha Garden

Due to the protests in the past, the police closed several roads around the parliament with iron pipes in order to run the parliamentary affairs without interruption. Still, it is revealed that no permission has been taken from the Road Development Authority to close them.

This connection was revealed through the information provided on 02.09.2022 according to an information request directed to the Road Development Authority under the right to information on 05.May.2022.

In the information provided by the Road Development Authority, it is stated that “…the chief engineer of our authority, Colombo, has informed us that no permission has been given for the installation of fixed fences using iron pipes on both sides of the road from Diyatha Uyana during the relevant period.”

Especially in the past, nationwide protests were held against the government and many politicians, and in order to maintain parliamentary activities without interruption, on the 05th and 06th of May 2022, from Diyatha Uyana intersection (Polduva intersection) to Jayantipura intersection, from Jayantipura intersection to Kiangham intersection. The police have announced that they will close the entrances to the Parliament (to Densil Kobbekaduwa road).

There, the Police Media Division issued a statement stating that since the parliamentary sessions are scheduled to be held, the road has been closed due to the occasional public protests around the parliament and the movement of the members of parliament and staff will be obstructed.

However, due to the public frustration caused by the iron fences on the road, the Police Headquarters, Nugegoda Senior Superintendent of Police Office, Road Development Authority, Parliament, and President’s Secretariat, requested information regarding the legal permissions and expenses taken in this regard, 2022. May 05, 2022. An information request was made under copyright.

In particular, neither the police headquarters nor the Nugegoda Senior Superintendent of Police office has provided information regarding the request for relevant information. But the Nugegoda Senior Superintendent of Police office has turned its back on the citizens’ right to information by not responding to this matter.

By Rahul Samantha Hettiarachchi

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